LA Fitness Killer's Last Will and Testament

George Sodini left his money to his alma mater

A gunman who committed suicide after killing three women and wounding nine others at a Pittsburgh LA Fitness has willed his estimated $225,000 estate to his alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh.

The court papers were filed by his brother, who is also the executor of George Sodini's estate, according to the Tribune-Review.

Sodini's home is worth an estimated $75,000 according to the documents. Other personal assets add up to another $150,000.

Sodini, 48, graduated from Pitt in 1992. The school hasn't decided if it would even accept the money, but there may not be much to worry about.

"His debts are going to far outstrip his assets," Duquesne University law professor Michael Streib told the paper.

Sodini's two-page will was dated Oct. 26, 2007. His mom is listed as an heir, but the school is the only beneficiary mentioned.

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