Kristen Wiig Explains Pajama Jeans

Longtime "SNL" veteran Kristen Wiig is poised to break out this summer. Her new film, Bridesmaids, opening May 13, promises to be one of the standout comedies of the season, propelling the comedienne, who co-wrote the hilarious script with Annie Mumolo, to rarified heights in the process. The film, about a pair of best friends on totally different trajectories in their lives, also co-stars Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne and "Reno 911" stand-out Wendi McLendon-Covey. The Feast caught up with Wiig and McLendon-Covey recently at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel and found out a little bit more about what makes these funny women tick.

What do you crave most?
Kristen Wiig: Sleep.
Wendi McLendon-Covey: Oh my gosh, I was just going to say sleep. Sleep and salty cured meats.
KW: I was going to say just salty foods.

Do you know your limits?
KW: No. I don’t think anybody does. Did I blow your mind? Can you put a sound-effect explosion after I say that?

What won’t you share?
WM-C: None of your business. [laughter]

What makes you angry?
KW: Seeing people yell at their kids in public.
WM-C: If you want to know what makes me mad, we’ll be here for three hours, but racial intolerance and discrimination of any kind.
KW: I agree with that.
WM-C: And people that fart and won’t own up to it.

In that order. If you were to win a medal, what would it be for?
KW: Okay, well I’m going to do Wendi. For being able to be extremely sweet, generous and nice and, at the same time, always speaking her mind.
WM-C: Oh my gosh. I would have to give that medal back, because I don’t deserve it.
KW: You don’t have to do me!
WM-C: Yes, I do. The humility Award: Not one drop of diva out of this girl. And this is the face of America. This is the face of comedy. It’s true. Does she make demands? No, she doesn’t. Does she remember every single person’s name? Yes, she does. From the driver that drives the shuttle bus on set to everyone else. Honestly, she remembers and she makes everybody feel special.

What great idea should’ve been yours?
KW: I’m going to have to say the wheelbarrow.
WM-C: I’m gonna say…
KW: Oh, Pajama Jeans!

What are Pajama Jeans?
KW: You don’t know about Pajama Jeans? They’re exactly what they sound like: They look like jeans...
WM-C: But they aren’t made from denim, they’re stretch jeans. So it’s like, ‘You can go straight from bed to a night on the town.’ Or, ‘Come home from a club and just pass out.’ It’s so gross. You can only get ‘em through the mail.

What has been on your to-do list the longest?
WM-C: Well, I still haven’t finished putting away my Christmas decorations. And winning an Oscar.

Bridesmaids opens May 13.

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