Kolb, Not Vick to Start Sunday

Looks like red-hot Kevin Kolb will again step under center as the Eagles fly to Tennessee this week.

Andy Reid supposedly told both “backup QB” Kolb -- coming off an impressive 300-plus yard performance -- and injured “starting QB” Vick -- coming off another controversy after his late arrival to the Falcons game -- of his decision on Monday.

610-WIP’s Howard Eskin tweeted all about it:

Sources tell me Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid has already told Both Kevin Kolb And Michael Vick that Kolb Will start Sunday at Tennessee.

Reid has also told his team that Kolb will start.

So that’s that. But questions remain. Most importantly is Kolb starting again to give Vick another week (make that two weeks including the bye week) to recover from his busted ribs or is Kolb once again the actual starter?

Reid did little to clarify his plans moving forward.

“Well, listen, I try to evaluate everything,” he said. “I try to think about it and then make the decision. Sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re wrong, but I try to think about it in all different variables, and then roll with it.”

So could he roll back to Kolb moving forward -- flip flopping again on his declaration that Vick, not Kolb would be the starter? We might not know until the Eagles prepare for their Week 9 match up against the Colts.

Darn -- that's more than two weeks away.

At least we will all know who will be under center for Indy -- because Peyton Manning is out there every week. Imagine how must less fun that has to be for people in Indianapolis?

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