Bulldog Blog: Kobe Comes Home Without Fanfare

Typically when an “A-list” celebrity walks into your school you would think that there would be chaos in the halls and screaming for autographs.

That wasn’t the case this week as former Lower Merion basketball star and NBA MVP Kobe Bryant made his way back to LM. Classes were still in session Tuesday and if Kobe was trying to be sneaky, he did a great job. As a matter of fact, some kids still don’t know he was here!

Kobe who was apparently in town to visit a sick family member stopped by his alma mater unannounced to work out with the basketball team and speak with his former coach Gregg Downer (who still runs the boys’ bball squad).

Only a handful of lucky students actually got to meet the NBA Champ while he practiced in the school gym.

Student Mike Robbins saw Kobe.

“He was stronger than he looks on TV and I thought he was taller too,” Robbins said.

The Sixers are scheduled to play Kobe and the Lakers on January 29.  Who knows, maybe Kobe will make another visit, maybe he already has and no one knew -- he seems to be good at that.

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