King Murder Still a Mystery

Today marks the anniversary of a Philadelphia murder mystery.

24 year-old San-Dee King was found strangled to death inside her Frankford apartment four years ago today.

Questions surrounding the Philadelphia police department's handling of the case still linger.

There’s been nothing for Nikkia Martin to hold on to since that surreal day, January 21, 2005.

"My initial reaction is to be sad about it because I lost my friend, but after 4 years, it's just sheer anger!"

Martin is a friend of the murder victim.

Martin says King sent her text messages saying she was in trouble the day she was murdered.

"I remember being very worried because it wasn't like San-Dee not to come to work.  And when I started getting those text messages I became more and more frantic, crying and upset!"

Philadelphia police went to her Frankford apartment but didn't knock down the door as her father had asked.

45 minutes later she was found inside, strangled under a pile of burning clothes.

"I know they have rules where they can't just break down people's doors.  But when you have a text message saying, 'I'm in trouble'---I think, in that situation, those laws should've been put

 Police later admitted they should've gone in and have since changed their policies.

Since then however there have been no arrests and detectives say a mystery boyfriend San-Dee was breaking up with was interviewed but not charged.

A candlelight vigil will be held for King tonight at 1336 Arrott Street, Frankford is where the vigil will be.

There was a settlement announced this week in the case.

Eugene King, the father of San-Dee King sued the city and apartment building… each side paid out an undisclosed amount.

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