Kids Hack Dad's Computer, GPS

Children of murdered man charged for snooping on him with keystroke and GPS

The children of a murdered Bucks County man have been charged, not in connection with their dad’s killing, but for snooping on him prior to his death.

22-year-old Parth Ingle and his older sister Aynee were arrested earlier this week and charged with more than 450 computer crimes.

Parth Ingle installed keystroke software on his father’s computer and was monitoring his dad’s emails and photos. Ingle’s movements were also being tracked with the help of GPS system Parth Ingle installed on family vehicles, according to court documents.

The body of 55-year-old Arunkumar Ingle was found inside his Middletown Township, Pa. home on January 21, according to investigators.

Court records show Ingle’s body was discovered by his wife who, according to police, said she had spent the night at her son’s Pottstown home.

The records also show that Aynee told investigators her parents were on the brink of a divorce and that her father had been cheating on her mother -- most recently with a woman named Anna from Philadelphia.

Parth Ingle referred NBC to his lawyer who said in a phone interview that the allegations are just allegations and that he’s seen no evidence that his client hacked into his dad’s emails.

However, court documents show that Parth admitted to Pennsylvania State Police on the day of his father’s death that he had accessed his father’s email and forwarded them to his own private account. He also said that his mother and sister knew all about the snooping.

The siblings told police they were tracking their dad’s movements to determine if any money was given to Ingles alleged mistress.

As for a suspect in the father’s murder, police sources have said since the murder they believe the killer was someone close to Ingle and that it wasn't a random attack.

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