Kevin Kolb Has Dolls’ Eyes (and Other Pics From the Jags Game)

The Eagles may have beaten the Jaguars 28-27, but we have stolen their souls with this photo gallery from the game.

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He throws! He runs! He is Not Donovan McNabb! Kevin Kolb's first pre-season game as starter lasted two-and-a-half crisp drives. He did not crack a rib.
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"This ass isn't going to slap itself, guys."
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Brent Celek couldn't hang on to a ball in the end zone, forcing one of the two times Kolb's offense had to settle for a field goal.
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Kolb said he thought the offense was "vibrant" and "on point," which we're pretty sure makes him the NFL's first hipster QB. "We had a couple of little easy plays slip away from us, but I thought overall it was a positive night," he said. "The thing I liked about the red zone [problems] is, it was self-inflicted...stuff we can fix, easy."
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Michael Vick took over the game and went 11 of 17 for 119 yards. He ran for another 50, threw a 46-yard bomb to Riley Cooper, and scored a touchdown, but he also lost a fumble and threw a truly terrible interception. Philadelphia, Mike Vick. You two met?
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LeSean McCoy was taken down by Reggie Nelson. McCoy gained 30 yards on 8 carries, helping Philadelphia to 211 rushing yards overall (Jacksonville, in contrast, gained 14).
The Jags' Derrick Henry sacks Vick. If he is later eaten by dogs, it is pure coincidence.
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Lather, rinse, repeat. Guards Stacy Andrews and Zipp Duncan each had a rough night in the trenches.
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Jordan Norwood couldn't hang on to this ball in the end zone.
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Even though, at one point, it was cradled in both hands.
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Andy Reid: as baffled as you are, but not nearly as baffled as Asante Samuel. You might say he is medium baffled.
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The thanks Norwood'll get if it happens again? This face, complete with a coin slot mouth, doll's eyes, and a thanks-a-lot glare. Were Kolb Brett Favre, this look would be called leadership.
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DeSean Jackson caught two passes for 47 yards. "It went pretty well," he said. "The biggest thing about today was starting a new era, and we had Kolb out there and we're just starting something new and we're having a good time."
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[Somewhere, Michael Vick is sacked again.]
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Blond Fabio Update: Riley Cooper had three catches for 61 yards, one a 46-yard reception courtesy Michael Vick.
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Asante Samuel has always wanted a Marcedes Lewis. All he has to do is get this one home.
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Jack Del Rio does not have time for this loss. He's due to croon at the Sahara in minutes.
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