Kate Flannery Wants Your Attention!

With yet another Emmy aimed at "The Office" this year for best comedy series, Kate Flannery is a busy woman. It's a far cry from her days changing into and out of her waitress uniform from her car between auditions. Her fake lounge comedy act duo The Lampshades, which she formed with Scott Robinson (Anchorman), has been a Hollywood staple for over nine years, frequenting the stage at the IO West Comedy Club and melding songs like "Mandy" and "Brandy" with perfect precision.

We asked the Philadelphia-born redhead about her deepest desires and were surprised to find out that they revolved around those flip flops with the bottle opener in the bottom.

What do you crave most?
Love, attention, I don't, I mean – why do you think i have red hair? I'm a desperate actress, a desperate human being, who must be noticed. I mean, it's kind of sad to admit that, but that's what's kind of underneath all actors, isn't it? I mean, anybody? It's kinda true, right?

What great invention should have been yours?
The flip-flop with the bottle opener in it. And, the flip-flop flask. Say that ten times fast.

If you were to win a medal tomorrow, what would it be for?
Um, hmmm. I think I could win a medal for being resourceful. Actually, being in this business for a really long time and not having a TV show for years, I had to sorta figure out how to survive and, I don't know, just show up with my best foot forward. So, I always had my waitress apron in my car, changing car – You know, I don't know. I think just being resourceful and being really smart about money, but also about time. I don't know, I don't know! Does that make any sense?

It doesn't have to! What has been on your to-do list for the longest time?
I'm gonna say, cleaning out my one closet that has costumes in it. I gotta get rid of 'em and say goodbye! Purge, purge. It's all very show business related tasks.

What makes you angry?
Driving makes me angry. People don't–nobody cares anymore. It's all about them. It's very– But then, it's all about me, so I guess I'm as guilty as I am angry.

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