José Andrés Tweets Epic Meal at El Bulli

By the looks of José Andrés' Twitter feed, the Jaleo chef is living it up in Spain with No Reservations' Anthony Bourdain as the pair films for the Travel Channel show.

Andrés, ever the prolific tweeter, has so far detailed several meals (with pictures!) that make us turn green with envy—including an epic chowdown at El Bulli, the ground-breaking molecular gastronomy eatery in Catalonia that's soon to reinvent itself as a culinary academy. (We broke the story, here.)

Apparently, food wasn't the only draw—check out this video of Bourdain being serenaded by a guy with some serious pipes. Later, Andrés gives the restaurant a cheeky send off, though Bourdain is less willing to make funny faces for the camera.

Click through the above gallery to see some of the mouth-watering tweets. Andrés and Bourdain are still on the move, so watch their Twitter feeds to see where they'll eat next.

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