José Andrés Feeds The Feast, Pt. 2

Earlier today, chef José Andrés let us taste some of the dishes to recently hit the menu at his Mexican-Chinese concept in Vegas' Cosmopolitan Hotel, China Poblano. Namely, Mexican hangover food and "the best churros in the history of mankind."

Time for part two of the clip. Here, Andrés pulls out brunchified pork shumai oozing with quail egg toppers, as well as a beef tongue dish that gets him all riled up.

Andrés says that the research that went into developing China Poblano has informed the avant garde cuisine at his D.C. restaurant minibar. "When I open a restaurant I always say I am telling a story; at the same time what I am doing is learning," Andrés says. "In the end, everything influences minibar…. At minibar, we have been doing a Peking duck without duck, but with all the flavor that you can find in a bite of properly cooked Peking duck." [The Feast]

VIDEO: José Andrés Feeds The Feast Pt. 1

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