Knowledge (While Drinking) Can Make You Money

Answer questions, earn points, win cash at local bars

Couch potatoes sit at home on weeknights, watching Jeopardy and getting almost every question right, thinking, “I should be on this show.”

If you fit this profile, or if you just like drinking and testing your trivia skills, join Johnny Goodtimes for his Summer Quizzo Invitational.

What is quizzo, you ask?

“Quizzo is a bar game that seems to have originated in Ireland and made it’s way here to Philadelphia,” Goodtimes said on his website. There are four rounds of 10 questions. Each round gets progressively harder and the points get larger. Questions range from science to sports to entertainment to sometimes eye-rolling geography.

“It’s kind of like trivial pursuit,” Goodtimes said. “But my questions are better.”

Johnny also asks a Let’s Make a Deal style question at each quizzo. Teams can earn a point by being the first to finish a task, such as showing Johnny a picture of a dog or a 1992 penny.

Johnny hosts six regular quizzos during the week. On Tuesdays, he’s at O’Neals at 8 p.m. followed by Bards at 10:15. On Wednesdays, he heads over to Locust Rendezvous at 6 and Black Sheep at 8:15. And on Thursdays, he finishes off the quizzo week at the Ugly American at 7:30 and again at Bards at 10:15.

Get your seven smartest friends together and go to any of these quizzos, as well as his buddy Mike Minion’s Monday night quiz at the Westbury, to win points. Teams can have up to eight people.

The top three teams at each quizzo win points -- five for first place, three for second and one for third. Plus a point for whatever team answers his call out challenge.

And you don't have to play all summer to be a winner. The top team at each quizzo gets a gift certificate to the bar where they just won.

After seven weeks (this is the second), the Top 25 point getters will advance into the Big Event. The winning team will walk away with $400 cash and the Milton Street Memorial Cup. The Top 10 teams will be put into a drawing to win $200.

“There is still plenty of time to get in on it,” Goodtimes said.

The Big Event will be at Urban Saloon on August 15.

Good luck. May the best dorks -- we mean trivialists -- win.

Oh yeah and check out Goodtimes' site before you play -- he tells you one of the questions he will ask that week.

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