John Oates Plays Country Tunes

Keep It Casual: Hey, it's going to be a long weekend, so tonight Keep It Casual at Kung Fu Necktie with Jeffrey from the Magic Message DJs and Adam Sparkles of the Making Time parties, as they churn out 'mind-bending, basement party jams.' Free; 10 p.m.

Hall's Other Half: Paul Simon may be sold out, but you can still catch a legend play tonight as John Oates takes to the World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington. Oates will be promoting his new album Mississippi Me, a down-dirty blues and funk album that he belts over with a new found cowboy scratch. No doubt, he'll be fitting in some Hall and Oates hits for the encore. $43; 6 p.m.

Also check out our Plan B options to the very-sold-out Paul Simon concert this evening.

Rad-B-Q: You may or may not choose to order your drink in a fish bowl at the annual Making Time Rad-B-Q at Bamboo Bar today, but we advise that you at least get into the spirit of things and hang out in something called the 'hyper cabana.' As always, Dave P, Adam Sparkles and the Pink Skull DJs will be bringing it all night as you splash around in the pool and down burgers and dogs provided by PYT. $10; 6 p.m.-2 a.m.

Hang Free: You've got to admit, the premise is pretty refreshing, right? The 'Hang Free' party at Fairmount Park is really more of an anti-party. Don't stress, bring a blanket and a frisbee and some beers and maybe hear some DJs from around the world spinning in the park. No pressure. 1-8 p.m.

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