Protesters a No-Show at Mayer Concert

A group who planned to protest John Mayer during his concert at the Wachovia Center tonight had a change a heart.

Racial Unity USA decided not to protest the loose-lipped gossip magazine sweetheart and accepted Mayer’s public apology afterall.

The protesters were upset with Mayer's racial slur in the March issue of Playboy.

Mayer, who also talks about his exes Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston in the interview, referred to his penis as being a white supremacist like David Duke because he doesn't date black women. Mayer used the N-word while explaining that he thought he had "a 'hood pass."

Asa Khalif -- executive director of Racial Unity USA and self-proclaimed Mayer fan -- said no such pass is in Mayer's possession. Khalif also questioned the sincerity of Mayer's on-stage apology in Nashville.

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