Jamie Moyer Joins ESPN as “Baseball Tonight” Analyst

Getty Images

There comes a moment in every ballplayer's life when the game simply tells them there aren’t going to be any more games. I’m not so sure Jamie Moyer believes this day has come for him, but ESPN announced that the 48-Year-Old Ageless Wonder will join the Baseball Tonight team of analysts. Oh yeah – he still hasn’t retired.

It seemed almost seemed too good to be true last year when Moyer pitched a two-hit shutout of the Padres in just an hour and 58 minutes. He had the city in the palm of his hands after his infamous at-bat versus the Johan Santana. Then on July 20, 2010, he injured his elbow in what would wind up being his last game. The fans were heartbroken. The 2010 season was shaping up to be Jamie’s year, but unfortunately it ended with the game finally telling him it was time to hang it up and go out on top after 24 years in the majors. He underwent Tommy John surgery during the offseason, and tried to rehab, but didn'tt bounce back despite his determination to make it back to the mound.

If you had asked me this morning what role I saw in Jamie Moyer’s future, I would have told you I could picture him as a bullpen or pitching coach one day. I was surprised anyone was able to convince him to trade his stirrup socks for a suit and tie, but I couldn’t be happier knowing that Jamie Moyer and John Kruk will be the last two faces I see on television every night for the next six months.

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