J-Rolling to the World Baseball Classic?

The World Baseball Classic will be taking place this spring and will feature teams competing around the world. 

And, this year, it appears the Phillies may be represented by shortstop Jimmy Rollins.

Alex Rodriguez beat out Rollins in the 2006 Baseball Classic, but Alex already stated he is playing for the Dominican Republic this time around.  

When asked about playing in the baseball classic, J-Roll replied, “I was in this position the last time and Mr. Rodriguez pretty much did it for me. Mr. All-World. It's pretty tough to compete against a guy like that.” 

Rollins would backup Derek Jeter, but he did indicate it was not a done deal that he would be picked to play in the classic. 

Former Phillies third baseman, Mike Schmidt, who will be coaching third base for the United States, told the media Rollins would be the replacement for Alex Rodriguez on the team.   

Brad Lidge and Cole Hamel’s declined to play for the team. With Hamel’s history of injuries and the fact that he pitched 227 innings during the regular season and 35 innings in the postseason, the Phils star pitcher does not want to take any chances. 

Lidge did play for the team in 2006, but his wife just gave birth to a second child. 

Ryan Howard has not yet made a decision on whether or not he will play for the team. 

The United States will meet in March at Bright House Networks Field in Clearwater, Fla., to prepare for the Classic.

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