A.I.'s Cowboys Hat Flap

Iverson wears Dallas hat on same day Eagles lose to Cowboys

Leave it to Allen Iverson to cause controversy and piss off some Philly fans without having to say a word.

“The Answer” showed up to the Sixers game against the Nuggets in Denver Sunday night sporting a blue Cowboys knit hat, reported the 700 Level.

It’s bad enough that A.I. would wear the hat of the dreaded Cowboys but rocking it on the same day that the Birds were shutout by Dallas in a critical playoff-seeding showdown was really in poor taste.

Maybe Iverson was just cold and the blue-star clad hat was all he could find.

Should fans now expect Iverson to show up wearing a Romo jersey Saturday night before the Birds take on the Boys in the first round of the playoffs?

It’s not like Iverson is even from Texas. He grew up in Virginia -- a Redskins hat would have at least been understandable.

The 700 Level guys summed it all up:

“I mean, really A.I.? I guess you can't expect a guy who has played the better part of a decade in a town to pull for his adopted city's team.”

Of course lost in all this hat hoopla was Iverson’s 17-point performance that led the Sixers to an upset win over his former team.

Watch the video (care of CSNPhilly) and decide for yourself if A.I. should be sporting the blue star while playing in the City of Brotherly Love.

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