New Sushi Experience at Zama

Sushi anyone? How about every Sunday?
Philly’s most revered sushi expert and chef, Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka, is ready to take sushi lovers on a sushi experience they'll never forget. Once a week, every week, Zama’s will be serving a large, delectable sushi meal designed for two.

Sushi Sunday, the new and official name for the first day of the week at the restaurant, will include 48 pieces of Chef Zama’s fresh sushi, served in three-courses and paired with a special, fish friendly bottle of white wine -- all for $100 bucks.

Zama, who was once a chef at Asian restaurant Pod and Japanese restaurant Gengi, is excited about this new venture at his Rittenhouse Restaurant.

“I’m delighted to share all that I’ve learned about sushi throughout my career. With Sushi Sunday, our guests can expect to taste some of the best fish we have to offer, and with a wine that enhances, rather than masks, the delicate flavors,” said Zama in a press release.

The Sunday Sushi Experience will include three courses: 18 Sashimi, or thinly sliced raw seafood with various dipping sauces and simple garnishes, followed by Three Maki Rolls, or composed sushi rolls, cut into six pieces each, and finally, 12 Nigiri, which is fresh fish hand-pressed over an oblong mound of sushi rice.

That’s a whole lot of sushi for one day. But, who’s counting?

Zama also has a long list of special drinks and cocktails, small bites and starter food and dessert that'll have you say "yum, good!"

Check out Sushi Sunday every Sunday from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m

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