Investigators Folo: Seclusion Rooms, Scranton Accident and Collection Agency

Every day the NBC10 Investigators dig deep to get you answers!  Now, they're giving you the latest on three of their investigations.

Parents from one school district recently called when they were outraged about a special room in their school. Parents called it a seclusion room, school district officials called it a quiet room and that wasn't the only thing they disagreed on. Now, Lu Ann Cahn tells us about a new development that may change everything.
Harry Hairston just told you the sad story of one man who claims he was driven to commit suicide by one harassing collection agency.  Now, there's a move afoot that may help consumers know how to deal with collection agencies.
A tragic accident outside of Scranton left two young girls motherless. The girls spoke exclusively to Lu Ann Cahn and the NBC10 Investigators. They wanted answers about the driver of the car that slammed into their mother's vehicle.  Now, find out what has now happened to the driver.
Click on the video to watch this exclusive triple folo:

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