I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Green gifts are red-hot this season! Whether you're shopping for friends, great-granny or your 3-year-old nephew -- here are some cool environmentally-friendly ideas to indulge them and honor Mother Earth without breaking the bank.

Who doesn't love a unique ornament on their tree? How bout' a Recycled Rudolf? This set of ornaments is made from recycled soda cans.  They are hand-crafted by Kenyan artists and farmers and a portion of the proceeds help the handicapped in Kenya. A cute gift idea for anyone who puts up a tree, and you just saved some landfill space!

Deck the Halls with...rosemary, thyme, and bay leaves? Yep, that's right! This beautiful wreath is crafted with organic fresh herbs that can be used for cooking after you're done displaying it, so its pretty AND practical.

Give the gift of lounging -- the all-natural way. This unisex lounge set is made of 100 percent organic color grown cotton. What does that mean? The cotton is naturally colored so there's no need for dye. And the cotton is grown with no chemicals or pesticides.
These are found at most Whole Foods Stores.

Another gift idea we cooked up for ya -- all-natural cookware. "La Chamba" pieces are all hand made using lead-free clay and then burnished to make them naturally stick-free. The coating is all-natural rather than metal or chemical based. The pieces can be used on the stovetop, oven and microwave. You can pick these up at some local gift stores or online.

A bottle of Red...that's green.  Bonterra wines come from their all-organic vineyards in California. They start with organic soil and hand pick weeds rather than using chemicals. That's something to toast to!

SWEEEET!  We found some gourmet chocolate that are green from the inside out. Well, actually its brown, but you get the idea. Theo Chocolate is made from all-organic ingredients and the company uses green energy sources to power their factory. How can you NOT feel good about giving (or eating) this?

Or how about some chocolate Hanukkah Gelt? These are made from organic and fair trade chocolate. 

Water ya waitn' for? You know these stainless steel bottles are all the rage and would be a big hit for anyone on your list. Think of all of the landfill space  you just saved from all of those plastic bottles!

How about something green to keep their green in? We found these hand-crafted wallets that are made from 100 percent recycled leather. The artist started making these in 2005 from some leather finds from charity thrift stores. Each piece is unique to the owner.

A toy that's not plastic or doesn't require batteries? What? We found some! This cute safari set is hand crafted from an environmentally-friendly hardwood and also hand painted with lead-free paint. We found these at Whole Foods and online.

And Mazel Tov to a cool gift for Jewish kids that also helps Tsunami victims. These Star of David and Menorah puzzles are made in Sri Lanka out of rubber trees. These puzzles are made from trees that were already cut down for other uses and so that new trees could be planted.

And what Christmas without fruitcake? Yes, we found an organic version. What else can we say?

And to WRAP up our green gift list...fun holiday wrapping paper made from 100 percent recycled paper. Think of all of the trees we'd save if everyone used recycled paper. Recycling one ton of paper saves the equivalent of 17 trees!   And you get bonus points if you neatly peel off the tape, fold up the paper and use it again!

Happy shopping!

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