Il Pittore Opens This Wednesday

Chris Painter and Stephen Starr are ready to cut the ribbon on their Italian restaurant, Il Pittore, this Wednesday night. We got a quick peek inside the renovated space that once housed Noble American Cookery, and are really impressed with the results.

"We didn't need to do much to the upstairs except get new furniture and change the layout a little," said Randi Sirkin, who is the Creative Director for Starr. "But the downstairs was completely overhauled and has its own feel to it. We're looking to do walk-ins downstairs, and have a more formal dining experience upstairs."

Chef Painter is a cook known for his attention to detail, and the menu has influences from cuisine all over the boot. He recently returned from a trip to Italy to do research for the restaurant, and has a few favorites on the menu.

"I like the braised goat dish, which is on top of pasta coins with mint and chili oil, and the smoked cod with saffron bacala," said Painter. "Most of the dishes on the menu are northern, but there are a couple from the southern tip."

Tonight marks the private family service, but after a day off tomorrow, they will be open for dinner at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26. [The Feast]

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