If You Build It, They Will Play On It

A West Chester dad has made his own field of dreams.

Jim Boas bought his family a nice house on a golf course back in 2000.

Only one problem -- the yard -- it sloped downward.

Great for sledding, yes, but for football, soccer, baseball, or any other sport for which you need a big flat surface? Not good at all.
So what is a dad to do?
Hmmm, let's think on this for a second.
He couldn't possibly bring in 110 truckloads of dirt to flatten the yard could he? Well, that's exactly what Jim, a.k.a. Superdad, did.

Now, two years later he has a nice flat yard -- a yard that just got a whole lot better thanks to PVC piping and a new toy. His wife got him a field liner for Christmas, which means he now has yardage markers on the lawn.

To complete the filed Jim took the pipe and made his two sons a sweet set of goalposts so they can bust out their inner-David Akers.
It's all for the kids, said Jim.

Aside from being a great dad, Jim is himself just a big kid, said his wife Trish. He gets right out there with their two sons, tearing up and down the field with his boys and the ever-growing posse of neighborhood rugrats now discovering the "mini-Linc" they have in front of them.
For you hockey fans, Jim also has a "mini-Wachovia Center" in the works.

Thanks to the God-awful cold temperatures, Jim's homemade hockey rink is just about frozen. So, once the football season ends, the guys will put away the green and silver and put on the Flyers' orange and black.

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