How to Shop Like a Phillies Wife

With so much riding on tonight's game against St. Louis, our city has come down with a collective case of pre-Game Five jitters. Thankfully, the tourism gurus at VisitPhilly have come to the rescue with a timely Q&A with the wives of Phillies MVPs. Not only does the interview reveal the wives' favorite Philly boutiques and chains, it provides a much-needed distraction from the gravity of tonight's outcome.

Behold: the top shopping spots of Jennifer Utley, Johari Rollins, Lindsay Lidge, Stephenie Kendrick, and Krystle Campbell, the fiancée of Ryan Howard.

Utley: Adresse on Locust Street, and Old City for cute boutiques and art galleries.

Campbell: Walking along Walnut Street can definitely keep you in fashion. There are so many great stores to shop in. If I ever need a dress or an outfit for an event, I’ll shop in that area.

Rollins: Knit Wit, Joan Shepp, and when in doubt, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and, of course, the King of Prussia Mall.

Lidge: Anthropologie in Rittenhouse Square is well worth a visit for the inspired clothes. The historic building is covered in original antique stain glass windows and filled with beautiful old fireplaces with angels swirling about and store props that are so creative. You’ll wonder why you haven’t visited sooner.

Kendrick: Nicole Miller in Manayunk always has something fabulous for me to wear. Rittenhouse Square [is] always happening and fun to be out and about day or night.

Republished with permission from GPTMC.

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