Hot! Hot! Hot! And Steamy, Too!

An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect in our area until 6 a.m. Thursday.

It's baaaaack! The oppressive heat that's been lurking around since the beginning of the season is back again and bringing with it another Excessive Heat Warning.

The warning went into effect at 1 p.m. and will remain in effect until 6 a.m. Thursday for New Castle, Mercer, Gloucester, Camden, Northwestern Burlington, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Philadelphia Counties.

Temperatures reached 98 degrees on Tuesday with sun and rising humidity.

Wednesday will be even hotter -- and steamier -- which will make our potential high of 99 feel like 105 degrees.

Luckily, storms will move in as Wednesday drags on bringing with them cooler temperatures for Thursday, Friday and the rest of the weekend.

Remember to try your best to stay cool by wearing light clothing and drinking lots of water.

And don't forget, it's your job to keep your pets safe as the temperatures rise. Here's some helpful tips:

  • If your pet spends time outside or in the yard, make sure they have some shade to get out of the sun and make sure they have lots of fresh clear water shaded from the direct sun. Water bowls sitting in the sun can get very hot creating a scalding bowl of water.
  • Never leave a pet in a car alone, even with the windows down a crack or the air conditioner running.  Even on cooler days, a car can become a furnace very quickly.
  • Consider getting an inexpensive plastic kiddie pool for your dog to cool down in post- outdoor exercise. Some dogs also like to play in sprinklers.
  • If you have a swimming pool, do not leave your dog unattended in the pool area. Not all dogs can swim -- they can drown if they fall into the water. They can also get sick from drinking chlorinated pool water.

The heatline (215-765-9040) will be open from 1 p.m. until 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.

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