Hot Deals on Craigslist

Lacking a sense of direction and a hefty bank account? There’s a Garmin Nuvi GPS device available for just $149.

Stop drooling as you walk past the Tiffany’s on Walnut Street. The iconic jewelry store’s Someone on Craigslist is offering up a Tiffany’s Sunburst necklace for $100, half off the list price.

Want your jewelry to be a little sportier? Just $65 gets you a 14K gold Phillies pendant. (Just an aside: You might have to battle us for this one.)

Speaking of the Phillies, relive history when you tell time—a Phillies clock, singed by the 1993 team, is going for a very reasonable $70.

Missed your chance to get tickets to Wingbowl? Never fear. Someone on Craigslist was able to stockpile them—and lower-level seats are going for just $5 a pop.

Nostalgic for the old days? Us too. So why not take a trip to Old City, where someone’s offering up a piece of history—and old-school Polaroid cameras!—for a measly $10.

Or, if you’re a legitimate photographer but on a budget, you might be more interested to learn about the Canon Digital Rebel XT (it’s in excellent condition) that’s up on the site for a heavily discounted $350.

More into paintings than photography? No sweat. We’ve also found a vast selection of wall art on Craigslist, and it’s all really, really cheap.

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