Horizons Moving Elsewhere in July

Horizons, Philly's temple to vegetarian and vegan cuisine, is closing around July 4. Owner Rich Landau said that fans of the place shouldn't get too upset, as they plan on opening another spot in Midtown Village. Landau is intent on keeping the staff intact during the move, as well.

The new concept will be a much simpler operation, as opposed to the intricate plates Horzions is famous for, and will focus on veggies instead of proteins and imitation meats. The Horizons team served the very first vegan meal at the legendary James Beard House in 2009, so we're confident that whatever they open, we'll be front and center.

In their place, Hopewell, NJ-based Nomad Pizza will begin operations in early September, where they will turn out wood-fired pies, and rely on a great beer and wine list to keep guests warm and fuzzy. For those not from the Jerz, Nomad started their operation out of the back of an REO Speedwagon (the truck, not the band), which still rocks and rolls today. [The Feast]

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