Honey, Where'd the TV Go?

Rash of brazen break-ins has Willingboro residents concerned

If you hear a bump in the night its worth checking out! That's according to Willingboro Police who say they are working to solve a rash of home break-ins by a brazen thief of thieves.

In all of the reported cases that happened from December 5th to December 17th, residents have been home sleeping when they wake the notice valuable items like plasma TV’s and computers are gone.

Police say the crime spree began when someone broke into a home on Charleston Road between 4:30 and 5:00 am on December 5th.

The latest crime occurred around 2:00 am Wednesday morning on Express Lane in Willingboro.

In some of the cases, the residents woke to noise, but didn't call police or think to check out the noise for themselves, according to police.

Willingboro Police strongly encouraged all residents Thursday to call the police immediately when they hear a strange noise either inside or outside of their residence, or when they see suspicious activity in their neighborhood.

Officials are asking people to keep an extra eye and ear open for what occurs within their community, and to report all suspicious activity to the Willingboro Police Department at 609.877.3000 or to call the Citizen Tip Line at 609.877.6958.

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