Holiday Gifts: To Fido, From Santa

Was your pooch good this year? Well then, don't leave your dog out of the Christmas fun! InTheDogHouse shares some of their best holiday gifts for pups.

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Was your pooch good this year? Well then, don't leave your dog out of the Christmas fun! and Philadelphia's Doggie Style share some of their best holiday gifts for pups.
Rubber Zogo-Flex toys are a great gift for the extra-tough chewer in your life! These toys are guaranteed by the manufacturer and will be replaced if your dog is able to get through them. Price: $9.50-$13.50 (
Every king and queen needs a throne. And face it, your dog rules the house. So, pick up this dog executive chair for a new spin on the traditional dog bed. Price: $119.95 (Doggie Style)
Don't worry honey. It's faux croc! This chic faux croc carrier comes in size S and L. Price: $99.95 (Doggie Style)
Have a "green" dog? This dog t-shirt is made of 100% organic cotton with fun designs. Price: $20 (
Your dog wants to root on your favorite team, too! Why not get your pooch an Eagles jersey? They range in size from S to XL. Price: $30 (
For a night out on the town, dress your dog in a tie. But, be careful, the lipstick stain on that collar won't come off. This outfit screams "ladies man.: Price: $11.95 (Doggie Style)
Any stylish dog would want these ceramic bowls. They are dishwasher safe and made with lead-free glaze. The feeders are made of wrought iron and are said to aid in digestion and skeletal alignment. Price: $34-$50 for the bowls, $30-$95 for feeders depending on size and style (
You can also get square or circle shaped bowls with an earthy flair. These modern bowls come in all sizes. Price: $15.95-$25.95 (Doggie Style)
A great way to keep your pet warm from head to paw, is with this sweater hoodie! It comes in many colors and fits 8" to 16". Price: 12.95 (Doggie Style)
Or, how about pulling out the argyle like Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter? This sweater also comes in yellow. Price: $12.95-$16.95 (Doggie Style)
If a hoodie isn't your dog's style, a scarf is another good option. This sweater with scarf comes in sizes 8" to 16". Price: $10.95-$12.95 (Doggie Style)
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You treat yourself to new clothes, so why not give your dog a treat with a new collar! This bone embellished collar comes in sizes S, M, and L. Price: $7.95-$11.95
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