The Holiday Memory I’ll Never Forget: Joan Erle

PHI holiday memory Joan Then
Joan Erle

From buckets of ashes to intolerable itches, these are the moments that shaped our Holidays and our character. From the NBC Philadelphia family to you and yours, "Happy Holidays!" Oh, and fair warning: We do talk about a few "Santa" memories that you probably don't want the kids to see!

When I think about the Holiday memories I'll never forget, two come to mind and my Dad is a central character in both:

The first is how my Dad used to go out on the lawn after we went to bed and throw rocks onto our roof in the hopes of convincing his six kids that the reindeer were landing.

And the second is more a grouping of Christmas gift memories:

We all thought that Santa published the Sears & Roebuck Christmas Gift Book. We would each get our turn to go through it and select our desired items. Somehow, when the big items were delivered (i.e., bikes, dollhouses, etc.,) they would be secretly ferried across the street to our neighbor's garage.

Here's the best part -- when we went to bed, it was time for my Dad to begin to assemble these items. 
He would go across the street at midnight to the neighbors garage and inevitably got the best gift of all. Our neighbors (whose adult children had long sinced moved away) would have already assembled the bikes or built the dollhouse, etc. 

I do believe that man (Mr. Peterson from Haddonfield) was the one who put together all six of our first 'big' bikes.

Now that's a gift to a father of six on Christmas Eve!

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