Ladies, Hold On To Your Panties!

WARNING: There’s a panty burglar on the loose in Upper Moreland. I repeat, a PANTY burglar.

Someone is swiping unmentionables from an unlocked, common-area laundry room at the Village Green apartments in Upper Moreland.

The same woman has fallen prey to this panty prowler 12 times in over a year (she must have good taste).  And, after her (gotch-ya) gotchies continuously went missing she called police.

November 20 was the most recent account. The thief actually plucked her panties right out of the washing machine.

In an attempt to catch the thief in action, the victim and her fiance would race to the laundry room once the ‘buzz’ sounded and the dryer stopped, according to The Intelligencer. No luck. So, the victim started hanging her underpants inside her apartment to dry instead.

It is unknown whether there are more victims of these panty heists; they haven't been brave enough or concerned enough to call police.

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