Hogs n' Hot Rods

Hop on your hog and take a ride to America On Wheels in Allentown, Pa, where motorcycles and muscle cars await your worship.

Motorcycles and Car Fest 2009” takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at America On Wheels in Allentown this Sunday, September 20, where you'll get to see some sweet rides, eat free food, catch free live music and buy some leather from vendors.

Food, tunes, leather, cars and hogs -- plus plenty of testosterone -- make for a promising day of All-American fun.

And the best part is, by attending and donating money you’ll be helping out Dream Come True, a charity that fulfills the wishes of sick kids.

The event is being run by the Blue Mountain Kodas, a drug-free motorcycle club that stresses family values.

Attending is free of charge, but donations are always welcome -- a small price to pay for a day of auto-driven awesomeness.

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