High-Class “Happy Meal”?

Lacroix restaurant unveils $24 lunch special

Instead of scarfing down a $10 sandwich at your desk, why not lunch like the elite? On weekdays, Lacroix at the Rittenhouse is offering a $24 three-course lunch they're calling the "Appetite Stimulus Plan."

According to the menu, diners can choose between a warm butternut squash-miso soup with crispy quinoa, a grilled Caesar salad or a mixed organic green salad for starters.

For main courses, the restaurant is offering a choice between orzo macaroni and cheese with spinach, smoked salmon and oven-dried tomatoes, an "ultimate" burger with provolone, salami and pickled pepper ketchup or a chicken nugget (yes, you read that right, it's singular on the menu) with smoked fries and three sauces. A trio of small desserts rounds out the meal.

It's definitely a reasonable price for lunch at one of Philly's finest restaurants, even though Five Guys and their "ultimate" greasy pleasure burger is mere blocks away and Continental's lobster mac and cheese is pretty hard to beat. We've just got to try that nugget!

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