Save the Date: He/She Is Just That into You

Within the first week of dating it starts. When every phone call and every text you receive says everything from “hi” to “just thinking of you” or “when can I see you again,” it has you feeling a little shaken up. In fact, they may as well be saying, “Boo!”

In the beginning when things start moving too fast, the overwhelming attention may have you spooked and wanting to break out in a sprint in the opposite direction, transforming those dress shoes or high heels into track shoes. Next thing you know, you’re screaming “feet don't fail me now” as you leave your date in the dust.

Has your love tale become a horror story in the blink of an eye when too much is done too early, or is it possible that maybe it’s a good thing and he/she really is—just THAT into you?
For all of you excitable boys and anxious girls—slow down. 

Remember: dating is not a sprint, it's a marathon. I know it's hard to contain yourself when, after searching for so long, you finally find someone who makes you smitten.
It's important to develop a poker face.  Just because early on, you're dealt a sweet hand, doesn't mean you should go all in. You have to hold out. Read your opponent. See how much they are willing to take a chance, and you'll have better odds of getting the bigger pot.
If not, you could get beat early or they can simply fold and leave you empty handed.   Love is a gamble.
You don't need Dr. Phil to figure this one out. Just because the “do you like me—check yes or no” days are over, don't miss out on something good, because you're too fearful of letting a good thing take root.
Either you like lots of attention or you don't. Don’t fault someone for being eager to spend time with you or wanting to get to know you better. Take it as a compliment.
Stop being wishy washy! If you’re making a dash for it because you’re frightened of experiencing something good that’s one thing. It’s a whole nother story if you’re making the great escape because there’s no interest whatsoever.
Bottom line, have fun getting to know your mate. Take the time to enjoy the special moments because those "firsts" only come one time around.

Do you have a dating dilemma?  Send Stephanie and Matt your story and questions and you may be featured on the next installment of Save the Date.

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