Heidi Hamels Turns Heads With Hair Makeover

Phillies pitcher’s wife goes from blonde to brunette

Heidi Hamels, the wife of Phillies star pitcher Cole Hamels, showed off her new look Tuesday morning on the 10! Show while she promoted an event for the Hamels Foundation.

The new look could shock fans familiar with Heidi’s blonde locks.

Mrs. Hamels has gone dark. The former reality show star showed up as a brunette after years as a platinum blonde.

She explained the new do:

“It was time for a change,” she said. “It’s a new chapter in my life.”

A new chapter as buxom blonde bombshell turns into brunette soccer mom?

Seriously she looks entirely different. She explained that part of the change was due to motherhood so maybe the soccer mom looks fits her well.

“Believe it or not Cole has not seen this,” she said.

We know it's just hair, but considering Heidi's increasingly growing role in the Philly charity scene and her husband's job, it could have bigger consequences.

Let’s just hope that Heidi’s new hairdo doesn’t break her husband’s mojo once he does see it. Cole has possibly been the Phillies best pitcher since the All-Star break and in a game of superstitions a thing like a new hairstyle could break his streak.

She once told us that Cole had better hair than her -- that his teammates called him “Pert Plus.” Maybe now her locks and her hubby’s hair are on par.

What do you think? Does Heidi’s hair now sit on par with Cole’s? And, did you like her better as a blonde or brunette.

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