Heard It Through the Grapevine: Israeli Wines Are the Next Big Thing

Israeli wines make a splash at Zahav.

Move over France, Italy and Spain, it’s time for Israeli wines to step into the spotlight.

Wine is not really the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Israel, but maybe that’s just because we haven’t had a chance to try any Israeli wines. It’s not like there’s normally a burgeoning section of Israeli offerings on a typical restaurant’s wine list.

Zahav, the much-lauded Old City restaurant that showcases modern Israeli cuisine helmed by James Beard Award-nominated chef Michael Solomonov is planning to change all of that with a special wine event on Thursday, May 14. They’re hosting a five-course prix fixe wine dinner where each course will be paired with wines from boutique growers from across the Holy Land.

If you've been looking to sample a sparkling wine from Golan Heights, this is your first chance – the dinner, served in the private dining room, marks the first time these wines will be poured in Philadelphia. If you can’t make it, but still want to get your Israeli grape on, the wines will be also available on the restaurant’s regular wine list after the event. Perhaps you’ll even sip them on their rumored soon-to-open patio?

Reservations are necessary for the dinner, which costs $85 excluding tax and tip.

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