He Loves Us, He Really Loves Us

Jose Garces just made Saturdays even sweeter

The biggest drag about Restaurant Week is that it doesn't apply over the weekends, forcing you to run around after a long day's work when all you really want to do is go home and chill out in front of the TV. It's the price we pay for food.

In a brilliant move that keeps his name on the lips of Philadelphia foodies, Jose Garces has created a $35 menu at his newest restaurant, Distrito, that is in effect on weekends too through February 6th (Amada and Tinto drop off the Restaurant Week list after today).

Garces is offering some of his most popular items on the $35 menu, including guacamole, shrimp ceviche, mushroom flatbread and carne asada. And since it's a Saturday night, you can spend the money you're saving on a flight (or two, or three) of tequilas. After all, Sundays were made for hangovers. Reserve your table early!

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