Have You Seen This?

Totally steamed!
I am sick of people stealing lunches and food out of the office fridge! They do it all the freakin' time. 
So, I'm sitting at my computer with these intense hunger pangs...and of course I forgot to pack lunch. But, then, an epiphany! I stuck a Lean Cuisine in the freezer just last week. 
Walking over to the fridge, happy to have a back-up lunch (in case of an emergency) and feeling like I'm beating the recession by not having to resort to spending money on lunch, I was ready to eat.
I open the freezer, search the door, search the very depths of that fozen box and nope...nada...gone. Someone ate my food!
This is NOT a free-for-all fridge, people. Mom and Dad don't stock it for us. If it has a name on it, it's not yours.
And for crying out loud, if you're going to steal food, you choose a Lean Cuisine? The frozen pizza in there would be a much more appetizing option.
But wait! It's not just food that gets stolen. I know at other offices folks can't get their sticky fingers off staplers, pens or mouse pads. What the heck?!  Walk down to the mail or stock rooms and just ask for your own. 
I mean, have you heard of the word 'borrow?' Use it and bring it back. 

There's no doubt that workplace thievery is maddening!  Enough is enough.  It's time to out workplace robbers.  Tell me what people can't stop stealing at your office.  Seriously, we need to put an end to this second-grade, nonsense.  Leave comments below.  Plus, I'll add your missing stuff to the milk carton!

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