It's Healing Therapy, NOT a “Happy Ending”

Masseuse says this is one big misunderstanding.

Is it just one big misunderstanding? The claim of "Happy Endings" that led to a prostitution charge against a local woman, are really a form of Healing Therapy, she says.

Police raided a salon in Middletown, Bucks County last week and charged the 59-year old masseuse.
They also took some of her supplies as evidence.

Police said they'd had complaints that the masseuse was soliciting -- offering a 'stress relief' therapy in exchange for money. The raid happened after an undercover cop went in for a massage and said he was propositioned.

The woman who stands accused in this case has worked for the salon for 8 years. She told NBC10's Doug Shimell she is confident that once a judge understands exactly what she does, the charge will be dropped.

The masseuse says she is a serious practitioner of Massage Therapy and has practiced this healing art form for 40 years.

Therapy she performs includes lymphatic drainage. She says she does have to get "close to certain areas" sometimes, but to interpret it as anything other than a form of healing is really a lack of understanding of what she does.

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