Gypsy Saloon: A Taste of Philly in Conshohocken

Quaint and classy, Gypsy Saloon is located in West Conshohocken. There is small outside area in front of the restaurant for dining in warm weather, and the establishment (which closely resembles a house) is strewn with white lights for some added sparkle. The inside features two dining rooms, is painted a dark orange, and decorated with candles (very reminiscent of an Egyptian Temple).

The Gypsy is famous for their award-winning lobster mac and cheese ($18). To some this may seem a common appetizer, but the taste and preparation of the Gypsy’s dish is second to none. The cheese is light (not overpowering), mixed with fresh, shredded lobster meat and topped with more lobster. The pasta is plentiful and cooked to perfection, finding that perfect medium between soft and al dente. This starter alone is worth the trip.

All of the entrees offered are knockouts, from the tuna steak with citrus soy sauce ($24) to the chicken with balsamic mushrooms ($17). Here’s a couple others worth mentioning. The baby back ribs are basted with a tart honey barbecue espresso sauce and served atop a dill cucumber salad ($14-$24) and the soy citrus marinated hanger steak can satisfy any sweet tooth while spicing it up with a chili garlic base ($23).

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert. The Tollhouse pie ($7) resembles a warm, soft, chocolate chip cookie and it practically melts in your mouth. Special mention, however, goes to the White Chocolate Brownie ($7). Also warm, this scrumptious dessert is topped with a heaping spoonful of whip cream, walnuts, sweet caramel drizzle, and chocolate chips.

In addition to the superb food and the warm and inviting atmosphere; the staff is very friendly and efficient.

The Gypsy Saloon's food will leave you in its trance days after your dining experience has commenced.

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