Grinch Steals From Local Family

One Linwood, Pa. family may go without gifts this season

“Who would do something like that to children?  It’s a horrible, horrible thing!” said Summer Arbogast.

The only things her Linwood, Pa. family has to show for Christmas now are the ornaments.

There’s no way Arbogast wants her four kids to come downstairs to a tree with nothing under it but that could happen after $600 worth of Christmas presents have been stolen, according to Arbogast. She used money from a loan that still needs to be repaid for the presents.

"I was so worried about it -- the whole month of how we’re gonna get by for Christmas and finally we got it done," she said.

She thought the kids would be happy -- finally get the thing that they wanted for the holiday.

Arbogast left the gifts in the car behind her house until the kids went to sleep. But early Monday morning someone broke into the car and took everything.

"I don’t know what I’m going to do... I have to worry about how I’m going to get Christmas presents -- again,” said Arbogast.

Arbogast fears that her older kids will figure out they’re victims of the bad side of humanity.

Right now all that she wants for Christmas is for someone with information on the thefts to go to the police.      

"Whoever did this is rotten! I don’t care if it’s your brother or your sister, you know, this
Is wrong,” said Arbogast.

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