Grill the Chef: Parc's Mark Andelbradt

NBC Philadelphia talks to Executive Chef Mark Andelbradt

Mark Andelbradt has traveled from his native Chicago to our fair city, New York and then Vegas. He’s worked at some of the best restaurants in the country and has studied under “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto, Rick Tramonto and Daniel Boulud. Andelbradt’s cooked for some of today’s hottest names in entertainment.

And now he’s back in the City of Brotherly Love as the new Executive Chef at Stephen Starr’s Parc -- ready to cook his favorite French cuisine, just for you.

You’ve worked at Tao in Las Vegas, known for the stars it brings in, what’s it like cooking for Hollywood? Is there any nervousness?

You have to learn to become patient when cooking for celebs. They are mostly not on time and they will typically have special requests, so flexibility is key.

After leaving Tao, you returned to Philly as the Executive Chef at White Dog Café -- a drastic change -- what was the hardest thing to get used to?
It was definitely a drastic change. I was doing 1500 covers at Tao and I was down to 350 at White Dog, however, it’s all relative. The day-to-day is still similar just with a lot less staff.

You’ve recently moved from White Dog to Parc in Rittenhouse, how’s the adjustment been?
The adjustment has been great! I couldn’t ask for a better kitchen crew. The location and overall vibe is incredible. Especially with the perfect weather we had this past weekend.

Are you planning a menu revamp?
There is definitely a group of core bistro/brasserie staples that will remain intact. We recently made a handful of changes to the breakfast and brunch menus and are now discussing and planning for some changes to the dinner menu for spring and summer.

You’re a master of so many different cuisines from Asian to Contemporary American to French, what’s your favorite to prepare?
Well, the main reason for leaving Tao was to re-focus my attention on the cuisine I enjoy the most. Classic/contemporary French is by far what inspires me.

How would you describe Philly’s dining scene?
I think the Philly dining scene has seen great movement over the last few years. There is serious talent all over the city and I think the dining public is really benefiting from it. It’s nice to be torn when deciding where to eat.

Where do you go to eat when you’re out on the town?
Vetri, Village Whiskey, Morimoto and Sampan are some my favorites right now.

Who’s the boss in the kitchen at home? You or your wife, Michele? 
Definitely me. I always cook at home on one of my days off. It’s very relaxing to me, and a great way to spend time with my wife.

Give us three items that are always in your fridge?
Vermont Butter and Cheese Co. butter, a bottle of champagne (you never know when you’ll want to celebrate something) and beer.

The 3 ingredients every home kitchen should have?
Great butter, great olive oil and great salt.

The 3 utensils every home kitchen should have?
Good quality knives, a Japanese mandolin and good quality pans (I love All-Clad).

What’s one secret about you that the public doesn’t know (and make it juicy)?
I’m a bit protective about my Pinot collection. Even my wife doesn’t have the key to the cellar!

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