GQ Shows Philly Fans No Love

Not to get all reactionary about it, but what is it with Philadelphia and the national media? As we alluded to yesterday, 'renowned' sports tome GQ just published a list of the worst sports fans in America and Philly 'won' the top two spots, for both the Phillies and Eagles followers.

As you can imagine, reaction here has been swift and punishing, with commenters pointing out just how lazily the entire piece was put together and "researched." It's fine to hold a fanbase accountable for itself, after all, but bringing up the nearly apocryphal Santa Claus bit from more than 40 years ago as a prime example is, perhaps, a bit less than scientific. To say nothing of the dubiously specious reasoning, like saying the food in New York stinks because you once had a bad hot dog at Coney Island.

This is not to say that Philly fans have always comported themselves with class and dignity, but what other fanbase in the country can truly afford to cast stones so gleefully? In the end it's just too terribly convenient to have Philly as the country's sports scapegoat, we suppose. Like British cuisine, German humor and Italian business practices, Philly's sports fans will just have to suffer the slings and arrows of a cruelly stereotyping world.

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