Get to the Choppah! Adventure Spots

From Joan Wilder hacking her way through the jungle, to Art Griswold hacking his way through, um, Iowa, a heart-pounding adventure can help you embrace life like you never have before. So when you're traveling the highways, bi-ways and railways of the East Coast, live a little better and go high-octane with these adventurous activities.

BOSTON: Buried Treasure Hunts -- Run by longtime marine hands (U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains, certified powerboat instructors, etc), Flagship Adventures offers a land-lubber's dream of a seafaring package: day-long, team-based treasure hunts around the bays, inlets and islands of Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay. Each hunt's piloted by a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain, who pilots a rubber RIBCraft and encourages the team to find the treasure using their deductive powers — which will surely lead them back to land, for a much-needed drink. Pegleg your way to

NEW YORK: Underground Supper Clubs -- Basically the tasty underbelly of New York's ever-burgeoning foodie scene, the city's supper clubs range from the publicly well-known (Undergrounds Unite, Ghetto Gourmet), to the quasi-secret and intriguing (Whisk and Ladle, Midnight Brunch). With dinners ranging from modest in-home sit-downs to warehouse-sized fetes, there's a supper club for every type of gourmand. Browse supper clubs at

PHILADELPHIA: Helicopter Pilot Training -- Run by expert instructors who've been certified by the Robinson Helicopter Company -- sadly, not founded by the retired Spurs center -- Independence Helicopter offers the full gamut of whirlybird experience, from aerial tours, to mini-demo lessons, to full flight certification courses. Lessons start at $300 for a 1-hour course, and covers flight instruments, vertical takeoff, cyclic pitch control, hovering, and normal descent. Check out the flight schedules at

WASHINGTON DC: Skydiving -- One of the East Coast's busiest jumping centers, and run since the 70s by "hippier-dippier" skydiving enthusiasts, Skydive Orange specializes in first-time tandem jumps from 13,500 feet in the air. Each jump is taken from Skydive Orange's own 22-person capacity twin engine Super Otter and includes at least 50 seconds of free fall. Sign up at

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