Get Ready for Another Trophy in Philly

Let's get this out of the way right now -- the Eagles Will Win The Super Bowl!

As the Eagles continue in the playoffs certain ideas will be tossed about.

The word destiny will be thrown out of the mouths of fans, reporters and pundits alike during the next couple weeks. The comparison to the 2008 Super Bowl Champion Giants will continue to the point of nausea, but it won’t stop.

Some others will point to the breaking of the Curse of Billy Penn.

The Philadelphia Eagles will win Super Bowl XLIII. But, it will because of football -- not some higher power.

More specifically, it will be the Eagles’ match-ups with the four opponents (should they advance) and how they stack up in all facets of the game.

But first, I must fess up to my wrong prediction. I, like others, thought there was a better chance for August snow in Miami then the Birds actually reaching the playoffs on the last Sunday of the season.

If fans are honest, they should confess their lack of faith as well.

Now, the Eagles are in the dance and the fans have true reasons to regain that faith because their faith will be rewarded on February 1.

The faith-filled journey begins Sunday in Minnesota

The Eagles will roll over the Vikings in Metrodome. The Birds should roll to at least a 10-point victory over the Vikes.

Adrian Peterson is the only man to fear on that Vikings offense.

The Eagles can have a blitz party, because seriously, are they concerned about Gus Frerotte, Tarvaris Jackson or Bernard Berrian? I don’t think so.

The Vikings have a tough defense, to put it mildly, but the Eagles, with a (generally) balanced offense will be able to score a bit. The Eagles should take it 24-13.

When the Eagles take on the Giants in North Jersey, the Eagles will play a carbon copy of their victory over the G-Men just weeks ago.

Without Plaxico Burress spreading out the field, the Giants will have no answer for Jim Johnson and his exotic blitz packages.

The only threat the Giants have is a stout rushing attack, which can be neutralized with good play from the linebackers and continued great (turn back the clock) play from safety Brian Dawkins.

Getting through the NFC championship game may prove to be the toughest task in the championship journey. The Birds would most likely be facing the Carolina Panthers in Carolina.

The Panthers are a tough team with a rushing attack that may be better than the Giants. There is talent everywhere on that squad, from the defensive line, to the offensive line, to the skill positions, to the water boy.

But, the Panthers are basically the same team as the Giants, but with fewer holes. The Birds should squeak past them and head to Tampa for the big game in February.

There’s only one team that Bird’s fans should be concerned about in the AFC and that it is the Indianapolis Colts. If Peyton Manning and the boys should get to Tampa, they present many match-up problems. But, don’t worry -- they won’t get past the second round.

The Birds will most likely see the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Tennessee Titans in the Super Bowl.

The Eagles have knocked off the Steelers already. And everyone knows the recipe to break through the steel curtain -- blitz, blitz, blitz and maybe blitz a little more. Jim Johnson will be salivating thinking of that draw.

The Titans have a smothering defense and also are comparable to the Giants. The experience with the Giants and (perhaps the Panthers) will propel the Birds to the Vince Lombardi Trophy against the Titans.

This is the cold case for the Eagles road to a championship. While it’s dramatic to believe that the Birds are destined after Sunday’s magic, the Eagles will win the Super Bowl for one simple (childish even) reason.

They’re good, real good.

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