Get Natural at Tria

Going natural is all the rage these days. Natual food, natural cosmetics, natural clothing.

Natural wine?

Yes, natural wine. Most is made from hand-picked grapes, has no added sugars or yearsts and is, generally speaking, made with as little technological intervention as possible.

It hasn’t caught on yet around these parts—but when it does, you’ll likely have Tria (1137 Spruce St.) to thank for it.

Philly’s premier wine-beer-cheese café regularly holds special wine events to introduce the city to varieties of vino we don’t often have the chance to sample, and Thursday evening, it’s natual wine’s turn to take center stage.

Tria will welcome natural-wine advocate Rita Kochanski, who will speak about the growing trend of wine au natural. Two of the café’s favorite natural wines (a Roussane/Viogner ISA Chemins de Bassac and an Anjou Rouge Pur Breton Bousin Lejuc) will be available by the glass.

Reservations aren’t needed; Tria hope you’ll just show up. The event will last from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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