Gator “This Big” in New Jersey Pond

An alligator sighting has onlookers and officials watching the water of a Trenton, N.J. pond as efforts to catch the gator got into full swing.

The gator first appeared in Log Basin Pond in Stacy Park about two weeks ago.

The gator was reportedly about three and half to four feet long, according to witnesses. It was recently filmed resting along a log stirring up the public’s interest.

As curiosity brought onlookers, safety brought N.J. officials concerned that the so-far peaceful gator could hurt a person or a pet.

State animal officials were laying out baited turtle traps Monday in hopes that they could nab the gator. But it was tough to locate the reptile because of the murky water and the gator dropping below the surface whenever anyone approached.

It was believed that the gator was once a pet that was released after it got too big, officials said. It would be nice to find out where the gator came from considering that pet alligators are illegal in N.J.

For now there were no new gator sightings and parents were keeping their children away from the pond’s edge just in case the gator got feisty.

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