50-Cents Richer

All you cab riders out there: you know those extra 50-cent gas surcharges you’ve been paying for each cab you’ve been calling since June 2? No more.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority board voted to drop the surcharge at their monthly meeting Monday, November 24 according to philly.com. And, it’s all because of the recent drop in gas prices.

That means, as of Monday, November 30 at 12:01 am you can pocket that 50-cent or spend it on those Christmas gifts you still need to buy.

The 50-cent surcharge brought the $2.70 base fare in the city up to $3.20. The additional money was to help cover the high cost of gas (when it was up to $4.00/gallon) being spent by cab owners.

Not only that, the surcharge also helped the authority board deal with the daily price changes.

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