Reason to Celebrate Everything Jersey

New Jersey turned 345 years old Wednesday and we gotta say that the Garden State could easily pass for much younger, maybe 315.

Normally friends and family gather to celebrate a loved ones birthday over cake and candles. But, a state celebrates a little differently.

Jerseyeans celebrated their state in style at the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton Wednesday afternoon.

After nearly three and half centuries the Garden State kicked it old school -- two priceless historical documents were put on public display and special tours of Jersey history were given.

Heck, over the past 50 years the state became more known for Bon Jovi, the Jersey Shore and hair product than for its rich history. So, this birthday was a great chance to show off some of the state's past.

State officials including Gov. Jon Corzine, Secretary of State Nina Wells and the Department of Education Commissioner Lucille Davy were in the house to celebrate.

Students and teachers were recognized for their achievements in history at the event. There was also a slide show of student projects from around the state.

And, special tours of the State House, State Archives and the World War II Memorial were given to Jerseyeans.

And of course some special papers were displayed. The first document was the birth certificate that established New Jersey back on June 24, 1664. The second document was an original copy of the Declaration of Independence printed on July 4, 1776.

And, don't worry, the folks in N.J. knew that you can’t have a birthday without cake. Those who attended got to taste the 345th birthday cake for the Garden State.

For those history buffs out there who want to know more about the background of Jersey visit the state's Web site.

And, don't worry if you want to celebrate Jersey in your own style by listening to Bon Jovi's "Living on Prayer," feel free.

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