Frohman's Wursthaus Coming Spring 2012

While Iron Chef Jose Garces' empire is expanding at a ridiculous rate, the one project that doesn't seem to move is the long-in-coming Frohman's Wursthaus. After numerous rumors circulating the Philly food scene that the deal was dead, Garces himself stepped forward to squash the gossip.

"There's absolutely no truth to that rumor, and we're looking forward to opening Frohman's this Spring," said the chef.

Chatter started to flow as Vesper Hospitality Group, which owned the space that originally was the LetTo Deli, removed the Frohman's Wursthaus reference from their website. Sources close to the Vesper stated that the deal had gone south, but whether that means Garces' is doing this on his own or not remains to be seen. We will keep you posted.

Either way, Iron Chef says there will be sausages to eat on 13th Street come springtime, and we're alright with that. [The Feast]

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