Arctic Cold Blasts the Area

This cold is going to last all week long.

We've got sunshine, but cold, gusty winds will keep wind chills in the single digits for the most part today.

The high temperature will only reach about 25 prompting city officials in Atlantic City to declare a Code Blue emergency. The Code Blue will be in effect from 6 p.m. Tuesday until 8 a.m. on Saturday in AC.

A Code Blue was also declared in Montgomery County and will remain in effect from 9 a.m. on Wednesday to 9 a.m. on Monday.

The wind will die down a bit tonight and Wednesday, but temperatures will be lower than today, so it'll feel about the same.

There's also a slight chance of light snow showers late Wednesday.

Morning lows will be in the teens and highs in the 20s for the rest of the work week.

Snow is likely to arrive Friday afternoon and accumulate as the night wears on.

Saturday, the skies will clear and winds will gust. High will be near 30.

Pet owners should also be aware of the following tips from Mallory Kerley, media coordinator of the ASPCA:

It is important to always walk your dog on a leash, but when it snows this becomes critical,” says Dr. Louise Murray, vice president of the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. “During a snowstorm, dogs can lose their scent and easily become lost. More dogs are lost during the winter than during any other season, so make sure yours always wears her ID tags.”

Never shave your dog down to the skin in winter, as a full coat will provide more warmth. When you bathe your dog in the colder months, be sure to completely dry him before taking him out for a walk. When it comes to short-haired dogs, consider getting him a coat or sweater with a high collar or turtleneck that covers his whole back

“Never leave your dog or cat alone in a car, especially during extremely cold weather,” advises Murray. “The temperature in the car drop very quickly, and it is not a safe place for your pet to be unattended.”

Make sure your companion animal has a warm place to sleep, off the floor and away from all drafts. A cozy dog or cat bed with a warm blanket or pillow is perfect.

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