Fried Dough Twists

Fried Dough Twists
Recipe provided by: Normal 0 Chef Roshan Martin from The Penn Museum 

Flour 500g
Milk 200g
Two pieces of Egg
1 tsp of Salt
2 tbsp of Oil
4 tbsp of Sugar
2 tsp of Yeast

1.Put yeast in warm milk(Do not temperature over 30 degrees) and stir until good combined.
2.All ingredients in a big bowl and knead until it is been a dough then hold them to wait for it fermentation.
3.When the dough ferment double size,you will split the dough into many parts.
4.Knead each one of dough until it is about 20 cm long cylinder-shaped strip by your hand.
5.Make it until it is been finished products(Hemp Flowers)
“Both ends of the pinch in the opposite direction of twisting, twisting the time limit to bring close the two ends, the dough free intertwined.”
6.Heat up with more oil in the pot and deep-fried all finished products until it seems golden.Pick them drain oil and put them to cold,dish off.


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